Can a Business Blog Help Attract Customers?

A business blog is an opportunity for additional exposure, low cost or free publicity for your business, and a method of potentially increasing traffic to your web site. In order to create a following and convert blog readers to customers it’s necessary to capture people’s attention, give them a reason to want to read your blog post, and entice them with an appealing offer whenever possible. Here are some of the ingredients of an effective business blog that helps market your small business.

  • People like “news you can use”, such as helpful tips on using products or strategies for saving money. Other blog topics that should be well received are how to avoid or solve problems that may be unique to your clientele, customer base, or local community.
  • Use your business blog to promote sales, special events, contests, or coupons
  • Promote a favorite charity, fund-raising event, or worthy cause. It will help benefit the charity and it will also reflect favorably on you and your business.
  • Write informative, amusing, or thought-provoking articles/blog posts. I you’re not a good writer, maybe you know someone who is. For tips on improving your business writing skills, visit my business writing blog: Effective Writing Tips and Tools.
  • Answer questions your customers have raised.
  • If you’re participating in a local trade show, exhibit, or community event, invite your blog readers to stop by and say hello. If you’re offering something free, you’ll get a better response!
  • Link to articles, websites, and videos that directly relate to your business, community, and/or the interests of your customers and clients
  • Avoid the trap of focusing too much on you. Everyone’s the center of their own universe, which is why you should gear your blog to the needs, interests, and point of view of your blog readers, customers, and prospects.
  • Extend sincere holiday greetings to your blog followers.
  • Recognize milestones, achievements, community service, etc.

That’s actually just a small sampling of ways you can use your business blog to attract readership, promote events, engage customers, and get people to call, stop by your business, or provide some positive word-of-mouth advertising for you. Whether you’re trying to start a small business or grow an existing one, having some sort of marketing communications program in place can help you achieve your goals.

By the way, if you’re looking for other small business marketing tips and tools, please visit my Web site Marketing Survival Kit!

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